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The #MiTrip Sight Series: Reykjavik

Posted by Karlmond on 12th May 2015

The #MiTrip Sight Series: Reykjavik

One of our loyal Mi-Pac'ers Philli from Italy travelled to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, for a little icy exploration with some of our latest styles. The result? Some super cold, blue frosty photos. Enjoy the view/njóta útsýnisins.

Reykjavik, pronounced rey-kya-vik, is the largest city in Iceland. Considered as one of the cleanest, greenest and safest cities in the world, the city's population sits at around 120,000 -  roughly 1.4% of London's population. Iceland has some pretty amazing things going for it - in June and July some days have 24 hours of light, showing you a real midnight sun. Contrasting that, some days only have 4 hours of light, so you might want to reconsider somewhere else for working on your tan. There's hot springs; lava fields and smoky geysers - true representations of Nature's finest. There's the Blue Lagoon, which is essentially giant body temperature pool of water which is filled with nutrients for your skin, and much warmer than the lingering air. One final cool fact? You can go whale watching.

Here's Philli's thoughts on the beautifully calm city...

I'd Rather Be In Reykjavik ;)

There is so much to do and see in Reykjavik! I only had a long weekend to explore this wonderful place so here are the 5 things I chose to do and would definitely recommend...

The Pearl

The Pearl is a dome shaped glass building designed by Ingimundur Sveinsson. It is supported by six huge hot water tanks that contain the geothermal water that supplies the city with its hot water. The observatory platform has the most amazing views of Reykjakic and its colourful rooftops a brilliant opportunity to get some great photos of the city.

The Outdoor Geothermal Pools

If you're trying to avoid the tourist trail, the outdoor geothermal pools are a great alternative to the Blue Lagoon. There are stream rooms, an outdoor swimming swimming pool and a series of hot tubs varying from pleasantly warm to boiling hot - a great way to do it like the locals!

Explore Reykjavik Town

As there are so many activities on offer in and around Reykjavik, the city itself is often overlooked. However its filled with super chic Scandanavian interior shops, boutiques, and cafes. Well worth a day wandering around.

The Golden Circle tour

This is probably one of the most popular tours to take whilst in Reykjavik but for good reason! The bus tour is a great way to take in the spectacular Icelandic landscape. On our trip we visited the 'Geysir' (water shooting out of the earth at 100 degrees celsius). The Gullfoss waterfall, a huge waterfall comprised of smaller contributory waterfalls, I've seen a lot of waterfalls but this one really is spectacular! The tour also takes you around the beautiful Thingvellir National Park where the American and Eurasian tectonic plates are pulling apart.

Northern Lights

Last but certainly not least, the Northern Lights. After hunting them down all night we finally got a glimps, if you're lucky enough to have the correct weather conditions this is something that cannot be missed its fantastic!


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