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What's going on in...Mi-Pac Taiwan

Posted by Karlmond on 19th November 2015

What's going on in...Mi-Pac Taiwan

Introducing our monthly round up of activity from around the world, debuting with Taiwan, where the coolest of the cool in Asia are going crazy for our ever-growing backpack collection.

In October, our Taiwanese Mi-Pac family held a charity sale to aid the Help-Save-A-Pet fund. Each bag sold resulted in a NT$50 donation to the charity in order to promote World Animal Day celebrated on the 4th October.

There's been incredible outfit posts left right and center on the most influential individuals in Taiwan. Taiwan has a very strong pop culture scene and their fashion sense has always been cool and laid-back with American influences. They aren't afraid to wear colour, and the tropical climate means shorts are usually a go-to.

The Facebook page reached a whooping 10k fans in October as well and it continues to grow - if there's one thing you need to do after reading this it's heading over and checking out the Mi-Pac Taiwan Facebook page for some serious tropical style inspiration.

And an extra, ultra teaser...we've even got a new Mi-Pac Taiwanese lookbook in the works...!!!

Stay tuned for our next round-up!